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How it works

Amend your ticket in 4 easy steps
Ticket Upload

1. Upload your traffic ticket

Upload a photo of your ticket, enter some basic information about your ticket, and select any additional services you require

2. Pay the Attorney fee using credit card

An attorney will be assigned. After the attorney reviews your ticket, pay the attorney fee by credit card

Attorney Fee
Resqyou Relax

3. Relax while your attorney works on your ticket

Your attorney will appear in Court on your behalf to have your ticket amended

4. Sign Plea Agreement

After your ticket has been amended by the Court, sign the Plea Agreement and pay the fine and Court Costs

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Check our pricing
Attorney Fee

This is the standard Attorney Fee to have your ticket amended

  • Please note that the attorney fee may vary depending on the specific circumstances and facts of your particular case. A typical speeding ticket with no complications usually costs only $100.
  • If special circumstances surround your ticket (Court date in 24 hours, traffic ticket involving accident, driving with suspended license, etc.) that will require extra assistance on the part of the attorney, you may pay the added expense up front.
  • It’s that simple! You don’t have to travel anywhere to meet your attorney. Everything is handled online with minimal inconvenience.

Counties we serve

Places we are operational in

Currently, we operate in the following counties in the State of Missouri:

  1. Jackson
  2. Clay
  3. Cass
  4. Platte
  5. Lafayette
  6. Ray
  7. Clinton
  8. Bates
  9. Caldwell


Clear your doubts

1. How does this process work?

Follow these easy steps:
1. Download the App
2. Select county where the ticket was issued, upload a photo of your ticket and select any additional services you require
3. An Attorney will be assigned and will review your ticket
4. After your ticket has been reviewed, enter some basic information about yourself, and pay the attorney fee
5. Relax while your attorney works hard to have your ticket amended
6. After your ticket has been amended, complete your end of Plea Agreement
7. Pay fine and Court costs
You are done!!!

2. Why do I need an attorney to amend my traffic ticket?

In the state of Missouri, you cannot represent yourself to amend your traffic ticket. An attorney is required to perform this task.

3. What can't I simply plead guilty and pay the fine?

If you plead guilty to a moving violation without requesting the assistance of an attorney, you will incur points on your Missouri driver’s license.
These points can:
• Lead to a suspension of your driving privileges
• Increase your insurance premiums
• Take years to be removed from your driving record

4. How do I know that my ticket is being amended?

The mobile app will provide real-time notifications on the status of your ticket. You can also chat with your attorney through the app for any updates.

5. I have a court date on my ticket. Do I need to appear in court?

If you are having your ticket amended through, your attorney will appear on your behalf.

6. Does the attorney fee of $100 apply to all traffic issues?

The $100 fee assumes that there are no complications associated with your driving record, i.e., outstanding warrants, a suspended license, unpaid traffic tickets, etc. If complications are found during the process of amending your ticket, there may be a corresponding increase in the attorney fee.

7. What is a Plea Agreement, and why must I complete my end of it?

A Plea Agreement is a negotiation between your attorney and the prosecutor to amend your traffic ticket to a lesser charge (non-moving violation, reduced fee conviction, non-point charge, etc.). In exchange for amending the ticket, you will be required to do one of the following:
• Pay an increased fine
• Make a donation
• Perform community service
• Complete a class
• Agree to probation
The goal of your Plea Agreement is to obtain a non-moving, non-point amendment so that you avoid incurring additional points.

8. What are Court Costs?

This is what the court system charges every Defendant to process their ticket through the court system. These Court Costs are used to cover the cost of running the court system. If you are having your ticket amended, you will have to pay Court Costs regardless of the outcome of the case. The Court Costs are different in every jurisdiction making it difficult for an Attorney to estimate these costs up front. These Court Costs are the responsibility of you the Client, and are required to be paid after the ticket has been amended and a Plea Agreement has been reached. The Court costs and Ticket Fine have to be paid within an allotted time frame. If these costs are not paid by the due date, the court can revoke the Plea Agreement and may issue an arrest warrant! Please take note of the due date for your Court Costs and Ticket Fine.

9. Can I use resqyou outside of the Greater Kansas City area?

Currently, resqyou connects you with attorneys within the Greater Kansas City area. However, some attorneys may also provide services throughout Missouri.

10. Is resyou a law firm?

resqyou is not a law firm. We will connect you with licensed attorneys to assist with your case.


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